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Unitedbit offers its platform on its website and the mobile app. The web version is very user friendly and offers everything you need in a way that even the beginners find it easy to work with it.

The platform panel is made of different sections including the candlestick chart, market watch, new order and history section.

The Candle Stick Bar Chart

The first thing that catches your eyes in the platform panel is the candle stick bar chart which represents the opening and closing prices at certain periods of time intervals starting from one minute periods to 1 month periods. In the candle stick bar section, you can see some tools starting with the time intervals of the graph (explained before), to varieties of the graph, indicators, and the last one which is Undo.

In the graph variation tool as the name suggests you may change the candlesticks to Bars, Hollow candles, Heikin Ashi, Line, Area or Baseline graph. Indicator tool assists you in choosing the right indicators that serves you best. There are plenty of them including Moving Averages (MAs), Volatility Oscillator, and Bollinger Bands. The last tool, Undo, if pressed reverts the changes made earlier.

The Market Watch

The market watch provides an overview of price data of multiple cryptocurrency pairs such as BTCUSDT (=Bitcoin Tether) or ETHBTC (=Ethereum Bitcoin).

In this section, you can mark your favorite pairs by pressing the star next to that particular pair for ease of access. Or choose one crypto that you wish to pair with other available cryptos for comparison purposes. In addition, you can easily search your intended crypto pair and review their details in the candle stick bar chart.

New Order

The new order section is comprised of a separated section with Buy and Sell options so that you can select and then there you can see three types of orders executions including limit, market, and stop-limit (more about order types) which can be selected according to your trading strategies. After that, you can see a box where you can enter the desired amount or simply choose a percentage of your total amount from below the box and buy or sell.

Market Trade

In the market trade section you can see the trades that are filled in real-time with their respective price, amount, and time.

Order Book

Here you find the list of ask and bid prices. These are the prices that traders offer to sell and buy and if they reach the target price, they are filled and can be seen in the market trade box.

History Section

In this tab, you can see three items including the open orders, order history and the trade history.


You can also change the layout of all the sections according to your needs or try some other layouts in the drop-down list or simply drag and drop to redesign. You may change the theme to light or dark by clicking on the moon or sun icon.

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