Privacy Policy


Unitedbit ("We," "Us," and "Unitedbit") emphasizes transparency and seeks to inform you on how Unitedbit collects and uses the data that you share with us. In addition, we are committed to protecting and securing your data. And the term "Unitedbit" refers to the website (Unitedbit) and the Unitedbit mobile application.

Acceptance of this privacy policy

By starting to use our services, you are accepting our privacy policy and agreeing to Unitedbit's data collection, processing, keeping, and sharing.

Your personal information

By personal data (or "personal information") we mean any kind of information that can identify an individual. That data may be collected directly by asking you, or this is done automatically with your prior consent.

Personal information that you provide for us:

Identity information: This information includes your name, phone number, home address, email address, nationality, country code, government identification numbers such as driver’s license number, or passport number, or other identification information.

Commercial information: This is basically your trading activities, including deposits, withdrawals, account balance, and order activity.

Financial Information: Your bank account information, such as account number, transaction history, and tax identification.

Personal information that we collect automatically:

We collect and may store some information from your interactions with Unitedbit for the sake of your account security and our own analysis. Here are some examples of this information. Your IP address, domain name, system activity, pages you visit, email address, login, device location and password, transaction history, version, and time zone setting.


At Unitedbit, our main concern is maximizing your security, and we ensure it through encryption software and protocols. When it comes to the security of users’ personal information, we take extra care, thus we sometimes want you to verify your identity to make sure that only you can have access to your account.

Third parties

We won’t share your personal information with anyone unless it’s for a legitimate purpose. We will not sell or give away your personal information to any third parties without having asked for your consent previously. However, for the purpose of verifying our clients’ personal information, we may use third-party services. This is mainly done to prevent any sort of wrongdoing or fraud. For instance, we might seek help from a financial institution that we have partnered with to process your payment and ensure security.

Lawful basis for processing your personal information

Basically, we collect your personal data to improve your trading experience, enhance security, and provide more and better services that are as user-friendly and convenient as possible. Here are some reasons why we collect your data:

Transactions: our personal information is used to manage and control your account, enable you to place orders, process withdrawals, and payments. We also use them when we need to reach out to you about the offers, your orders, and services.

Optimization of services: To fix bugs and improve the effectiveness and usability of our services, we use your personal information. We also analyze your usage and performance, which is particularly important in the changes we make.

Communication: Regarding our services, we communicate with you using the information you provide us.

Personalized Offers: Based on the information you provide for us and your performance, we may suggest features, tips, and services that could be helpful for you.

Compliance with a legal obligation: To comply with laws and regulations, sometimes we need to have your personal information. We may contact your bank and collect your account information to verify your identity.

Fighting fraud: To prevent fraud or any kind of illegal financial activity, we process and monitor personal information to ensure users, Unitedbit services, and others’ security

And one final word

When we need to use your personal information for a new purpose, we will surely seek your consent in that specific case, and we will not process your information unless we have your consent on that matter. And in case you change your mind about sharing your information, we will not process your data any further.


Unitedbit does not allow children under the age of 18 to use its services.