Ubisoft Quartz platform is now live for energy-efficient and playable NFTs

On Thursday, Ubisoft will distribute NFTs to PC users on the Tezos blockchain, beginning with Ghost Recon Breakpoint.


Ubisoft stepped into the NFTs for the first time through Ubisoft Quartz, its new platform. This platform went live on Ubisoft Connect last week in beta with the Ghost Recon Breakpoint PC version.


Source: Ubisoft Twitter

According to the Ubisoft website, if you play on this platform, you can gain Digits, collectible pieces of the Ubisoft game world. The Digits are "the first NFTs playable in AAA games and run on energy-efficient technology. "

On three days of December 9, 12, and 15, the early adopters in the United States and Canada can receive a limited amount of Digits in the form of in-game rewards such as vehicles and weapons for free. Other countries, including Australia, France, Brazil, Spain, Belgium, Germany, and Italy.

The Tezos POS blockchain enjoys Ubisoft Quartz’s energy-efficient technology.

According to its blockchain technical director, Didier Genevois, Ubisoft is committed to reducing its energy consumption to save the earth. In this regard, he said:

"This type of blockchain achieves the same results while using significantly less energy than proof-of-work protocols. To give you an idea, a transaction on Tezos is equivalent to 30 seconds of video streaming, while on Bitcoin, it is equivalent to watching one year straight of video streaming!"

An entertainment distribution platform called Ultra had previously teamed up with Ubisoft so that Ubisoft could use Ultra’s blockchain to leverage its games. Ultra has been a partner ever since and produces blocks for Ubisoft.

Baptiste Chardon, a blockchain product director at Ubisoft, expressed his opinion about the NFTs and gaming:

"This new approach can even, on a longer-term, open up new opportunities such as interoperability between games. [...] We see blockchain as a means of placing back into the hands of players and creators the value they generate through their engagement with their games."

If you are a gamer or have played some games, you might have heard Ubisoft’s name on the loading page of certain games. Having about $5.8 billion, they are among the top 25 gaming companies in the world and it is interesting that they are involving themselves in and supporting blockchain technology while some rivals have frowned upon blockchain games like Valve.



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