The hacker returned almost all of the $600M and rejected the $500K reward from Poly Network

In a white hat gesture, Poly Network hacker gave back all of the money and said that he is neither interested in the bounty nor in responding to the offer.


Two days ago, in Unitedbit you read that a hacker had stolen $600M from Poly Network. We are excited to announce that the hacker who had targeted the Poly Network cross-chain DeFi protocol has paid roughly all the money claiming to be a white hat hacker.

The hacker who took advantage of "a vulnerability between contract calls" to hack Poly Network in an exploit has returned all of the $610M funds into a multi-sig wallet to which both the Poly project and the hacker have access. There was $33M in Tether (USDT) which was frozen right after the attack news was broadcasted.

Ethereum transactions served as the host to the hacker and Poly Network team for communications. The hackers have seemingly hacked but had no intention of moving the stolen funds to their accounts, as they apparently did it for the sake of having fun since the hacking cross-chain is in vogue.

Upon having received $258M of the funds from the hacker, the Poly Network team called it "white hat behavior" and offered a $500K bounty to what they called "Mr. White Hat":

"We assure you that you will not be accountable for this incident. We hope that you can return all the tokens as soon as possible [...] We will send you the 500k bounty when the remainings are returned, except for the frozen USDT."

Despite the offer, it seems that the hacker was neither interested in responding to the offer nor willing to accept it, and he pledged to return all the money.

Now that all the funds have been returned, we can say that the biggest hack in DeFi history did not harm any investors financially and had a peaceful ending and some may say it was more of a hacker’s little game or a white hat gesture. The hacker’s identity remains anonymous despite the fact that SlowMist has confirmed having the hacker’s IP address, email address, and device fingerprint.



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