South Korea accepts the proto-metaverse

South Korea has been involved with the metaverse and the country seems to be getting immersed in it.


There’s no doubt that South Korea is getting very much involved with the metaverse as several businesses have already been working and developing in this area for long and even some have launched their apps, games, and virtual avatars.

The Metaverse is part of a large number of Korean corporations and people's lives, and it seems to have changed their normal lives to some extent. Shopping via the metaverse was introduced by GS Home Shopping Company on Tuesday, in which they presented a show of a food production facility’s inner workings to show the food and the facility’s quality.

To enable people to see the food production line and conditions, the GS shop made 3D presentations of the scans of the physical facility, and customers who had augmented reality devices took a tour of this virtual world and saw the food production conditions for themselves.

"It seems like every company is diving into the metaverse and play-to-earn these days," said Jason Ye, co-founder of multichain ecosystem accelerator DeSpread, when he spotted the companies’ metaversification.

"Korea has lots of huge IPs. If you can combine those IPs with great content around them, you can build a great business model. Attractive content is the basis for entering the metaverse. "

Public services, retail shopping, and finance have also been involved with the Metaverse and AI avatars. Lucy is a virtual model which was used by Lotte Home Shopping Company to promote its products, and since Lucy has its own Instagram account, it will be used in the video content and social media by Lotte. There’s a chance that Lucy could be integrated into its metaverse-based virtual store.

VR deployment is not just for the private sector since we can see that it has spread to the public sector. On November 6, the Seoul City administration said that it expected to have created its metaverse platform by 2023, where people may submit civil complaints.

The soldier training programs will also be added to metaverse applications, said the Korean military on November 10.



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South Korea



South Korea