SDK is Polygon’s new tool to deploy Ethereum-compatible standalone chains

To empower themselves to build Ethereum-compatible standalone chains and layer-two protocols, the Polygon team is going to launch SDK or software development kits.


Polygon stated that it will launch the SDK stack so that developers can create their own Ethereum-connected blockchains. These SDKs are so interesting and functional. They are in fact single installation packages that possess the required tools for creating seamless apps. Polygon SDK is comprised of multiple plug-and-play modules along with solutions that are tailor-made for parameters such as consensus and synchronization. JSON RPC, gRPC, and TxPool.

The approach for Polygon SDK to be adopted is the one that wishes to reflect the “Polkadot on Ethereum” approach. A multichain network can be introduced for Ethereum through this approach.

Apparently, the Polygon SDK will be available in two iterations and the first of which enables the developers to build independent chains which work well with the Ethereum network. And in the second one, developers can build actual layer-two protocols that are linked to the Ethereum mainnet directly.

It is also said that Polygon SDK developers are more than willing to offer other features as well. An open-source cooperation for the SDK is what they are so eager to have. They also intend to have a plugin framework so that developers can add more modules to the Polygon SDK later on. Polygon co-founder believes that they play a crucial role in Ethereum multichain future and layer-two advancements:

“With advanced ‘Layer 2’ solutions, Ethereum 2.0 all coming online now or soon, the need for a comprehensive interoperability framework is stronger than ever. With the Polygon SDK, we are solving pressing needs for Ethereum’s multi-chain future, including ease of deployment and inter-L2 communication.”

Matic is the previous name of polygon and many traders are more familiar with that name rather than Polygon. Anyways, Polygon has become more and more well-known specifically as a big Ethereum scaling platform and it has attracted many traders including great figures in the crypto space like Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban who admires Polygon’s speed and the growing user base.



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Polygon (Matic)



Polygon (Matic)