Sandbox Metaverse Alpha to launch on November 29

After four years of development, Sandbox Metaverse Alpha will be launched on November 29.


After the play-to-earn metaverse's highly anticipated event announcement, the SAND price hit a new ATH.

The Sandbox, a virtual property and gaming company owned by Animoca Brands, is launching a multi-week play-to-earn (P2E) Alpha event to allow gamers to explore a portion of its metaverse. The whole experience will only be available to a select few players.

A big dream seems to have come true for gamers with the advent of play-to-earn games. In these games, you can play and don’t entirely waste your time since you can get rewards in the form of the native tokens of that specific game.

In the same line, The Sandbox's virtual game environment uses a play-to-earn approach to allow players to profit from the time they spend in the metaverse. In addition, within the game environment, players can buy land and create NFTs that can be sold later. They can also finish the game quests and earn SAND tokens, as well as stake their tokens.

The Alpha event will begin on Nov. 29 at 1 p.m. UTC announced the corporation said on Wednesday and will continue till Dec. 20. A limited number of 5,000 lucky users can earn up to 1,000 SAND (1 SAND = $3.5) and 3 exclusive NFTs for time spent on The Sandbox's 18 adventures.


Source; Sandbox Twitter

It must be said that only during the Alpha event the three exclusive NFTS are available. The NFTs include a gate, a dragon, and a longsword that you can use in the actual The Sandbox metaverse.


Exclusive Alpha NFTs. Source: The Sandbox

5000 people can have the access to the Alpha event if they have an NFT ticket called the Alpha pass.

1000 Sandbox Landowners will randomly receive Alpha passes and 2250 Sandbox account holders will also win the pass through daily social competitions which last for 3 weeks. From November 29 to December 19, you can also buy this ticket on OpenSea’s secondary market.

Without the ticket, you are able to access the multiplayer gaming mode, the 3 experiences, and the Alpha Hub, but you can’t earn P2E rewards.

According to reports from OpenSea, 1.019 ETH is the least you have to pay for the Sandbox NFTs.

Yat Siu, Animoca Brands co-founder, and chairman advised the newcomers to virtual games to spend a good amount of time before buying a tokenized land.

"I would recommend it to for people who want to experience it, you know, just go to the places, experience them, join the community on Discord, have a chat with them. See what it’s all about before you take the plunge to buy land because, you know, it’s like buying real estate anywhere in the world."

He clarifies this by saying:

"I mean, you’re not going to just fly over to New York and say, ‘I’ll take that,’"

The SAND token is currently trading at $3.20, while it hit a new ATH of $3.42 on Tuesday. Since last year, SAND has gained over 8,663.5% and seems to be surging even more.



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