Optimism new upgrade one-click roll-up deployment enabled

Optimism uncovered its new upgrade while a completion for layer-two scaling solutions is heating up.


Optimism is the Ethereum Foundation-backed team building developing a layer-two roll-up network. This team is waiting so that Ethereum-native protocols to be launched on its network in just one click by late October said Optimism in a post on 17 of October.

“Any tooling that can run on Ethereum will run identically on Optimistic Ethereum.”

They were also happy to introduce protocol upgrades that will allow one-click deployment on its network.

“Anyone who has written code targeting Geth can now deploy without change — even for advanced features like traces and gas.”

To get to its most lightweight and efficient form possible, Optimism rebuilt its code in an attempt to outperform the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility and gain “EVM equivalence” via shrinking. Over “25,000 lines” of other code were removed along with Optimism’s custom compiler in this upgrade.

“Building an EVM-compliant rollup poses an even greater challenge: supporting the entire Ethereum stack within the new science,” the post says. “Re-implementing security-critical EVM features is costly; every additional line of code introduces the risk of vulnerabilities.”

Using alternative node implementations such as OpenEthereum and Erigon, the Optimism team is hoping to make compatibility easier while they claim that they have complete EVM equivalence with the Geth Ethereum client. They also ensured that their security model remains untouched from the previous model. The upgrade comes when Ethereum transaction fees are high and therefore not good for its users. And that’s why EVM compatible chains and layer-two scaling solutions step in to reduce the high fees of the aforementioned on Ethereum’s base layer.

The largest Ethereum Bridge by total value, says Dune Analytics, belongs to the Arbitrum rollup network with $2.62 B followed by the Polygon ERC-20, Avalanche Bridge, and the Fantom Anyswap with $2.35 B, $1.86 B, and $476 M respectively.




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