NFT Company helps Afghan women gain access to education

While the Taliban are taking over Afghanistan, is joining forces with a US-based organization to help Afghan women have access to education.


Women for Afghan Women’s U.S. country director, Naheed Samadi Bahram believes that the new Afghan generation is optimistic about the future and strives to receive an education. She said: "This is a generation that grew up hopeful and dreaming about their future through educational opportunities." is a Nonfungible Token (NFT) company and has announced that they will release an NFT ( What is NFT ) on October 5 and that the funds raised will be given to the Women for Afghan Women organization. This organization works for women in both Afghanistan and the United States by giving them access to education and vocational training. This NFT is incredibly interesting. It illustrates a half of a woman’s face which is under one butterfly wing saying " nothing is impossible to a determined woman."

The Taliban are an extremist Islamist group that annexed Afghanistan in the 1990s. They banned women from studying and education back then and it seems that they have the same intention this time as they allowed only males to continue education so far. They also claim that education for girls will be available ASAP.

In this regard, Women for Afghan Women’s U.S. country director, Naheed Samadi Bahram, said that:

"This is a generation that grew up hopeful and dreaming about their future through educational opportunities…. We are committed to serving Afghan women and girls in Afghanistan and Afghan refugees arriving in the U.S."

In this charitable act, tends to dedicate all the money collected from these NFT sales to this cause as well as an additional % for each future subsequent sale. 2,200 copies of this NFT will be minted in recognition of the reported 2.2 million girls who are deprived of education at Afghanistan's schools. Currently, the NFT is worth 0.025 ETH (almost $75.54 now).

Amid this bias, Afghan girls have risen up against the Taliban. They showed their disagreement by coming to the streets to demonstrate against this issue, despite the fact that they know they might get hurt, beaten, and even killed. They have also shown their dissatisfaction on social media. Despite the social and political unrest, a school entitled Code to Inspire, set up to educate Afghan girls in coding and robotics, is carrying on with online classes.



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