Axie Infinity gains 550 ETH in a virtual land slot sale

This virtual real estate sale is the biggest of its kind, which is of great significance for the Axie Infinity Company.


Axie Infinity is an Ethereum blockchain-based online game. In this game, players can earn Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) cryptocurrency by playing the game. The company announced that they have sold a land plot within this monster-fight fantasy NFTs game for 550 ETH, which is worth $2.3 million at the time of writing this article.


Source: Axie Infinity Twitter

Gamers have creatures called "axies." They can use their axies to fight their enemies, duel other players, and complete daily quests. Besides them, players can mint and trade NFTs without any limitations.

Lunacia is the name of the world in which the game takes place. Axies reside in Lunacia, a square grid resembling a tokenized land plot called Terra. The players are able to trade or rent their Terra to other players.

Among the available Axie Infinity ecosystem’s virtual real estate, the one that was sold yesterday is classified as Genesis, which is the rarest.

There are monsters in the game that spawn and threaten Lunaria. They are called "chimeras." Players gain Smooth Love Potions (SLPs) for beating Chimeras. These SLPs can later be traded on cryptocurrency markets for cash.

Additionally, defeated Chimeras drop extra resources that may be utilized to upgrade their Axies and land, raising the earning potential of SLPs. Genesis Land is situated in the heart of the map of Lunacia and is the location of rare Chimeras raid monsters that spawn and drop valuable items. Additionally, only 220 of the 90,601 land slots are Genesis-classified.

The idea of having virtual real estate doesn’t have any value in the eyes of the game’s critics since they believe the virtual lands are not real and physical. Having said that, some people have made a full job out of this game .



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