Wirex introduces multi-currency crypto card that is supported by Master-card

Wirex just introduced a new multi-currency crypto card which is supported by MasterCard. It’s expected to be connected to 19 crypto and fiat currency accounts in the Wirex app.


The first MasterCard-supported cryptocurrency platform, Wirex which is based in London and regulated there, will send out a new multicurrency card after having received the membership of MasterCard.

19 crypto and fiat currency accounts are linked to this new card in the Wirex app. They have not announced a release date yet.

Wirex tries to promote itself via upgrading its “Cryptoback” reward program. It used to reward its users at a maximum of 1.5% back in BTC per transaction that occurs in a store which has been risen to 2% online and in-store along with a maximum of 6% annual rewards for the customers on their native Wirex Token balance.


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