Blockchain ID to replace the plastic ones in South Korea

South Koreans are after replacing their plastic Identity cards with a digital blockchain-cased-one.


There is a huge chance that South Koreans replace their plastic ID, social security and driver’s license cards with a digital alternative backed by blockchain technology with major companies competing for a market stake.

Three largest mobile carriers in South Korea, SK Telecom, KT and LG U+ mobile ID platform have had an agreement on using PASS driver’s license which is a mobile ID platform which is the invention of National Police Agency and the Road Traffic Authority.

PASS platform is being used by 1.4 million South Korean people according to the police force. Users can prove their identity to the police through the police blockchain network and QR codes or barcodes.

Some businesses have already joined PASS app such as the convenience store chains of CU and GS25. They use it as a proof of age around their country in their outlets. Naver and Kakao, the internet giant and chat app operator have also joined it.

Despite the abovementioned companies who have joined PASS platform, this is still the tip of the iceberg.


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