Singapore to introduce Two New Cryptocurrency Indexes

Singapore is trying to set up two new crypto indexes to help traders have better understanding of Bitcoin and Ethereum prices.


Enjoying a healthy economy, Singapore tends to lead the Crypto by assisting in setting the price standards for BTC and ETH. Singapore Exchange Ltd is to set up two more crypto indexes to help all traders to have a better grasp of BTC and ETH prices and as a result make wiser decisions.

The indexes are going to be called the iEdge Bitcoin Index and the iEdge Ethereum Index. Simply, they would get the information from platforms like Crypto Compare and guide the traders where the Bitcoin and Ethereum are directing to.

Singapore seeks to be a power in directing Bitcoin and Ethereum in the coming months. Asia has always been a major power in crypto world as China by itself is believed to be controlling roughly around 65%of the bitcoin mining hashing power.


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