Crypto payments via Bitpay in GoldConnect

LatamConnect is GoldConnect’s new platform which enables GoldConnect to process crypto assets’ transactions from now on.


Another milestone for Latin America in accepting cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin) with an open arm was made by the Latin American telecommunications wholesaler GoldConnect. GoldConnect customers can use Bitpay payment processors to pay with cryptocurrencies.

LatamConnect which is a platform that directly connects with Bitpay can be used for crypto payments and these payments are usually cleared in fiat currency.

Accepting crypto for payments is indicative of increasing demand for such services according to GoldConnect. Currently, GoldConnect is providing service for 17 Latin American and Caribbean countries. Jeremy Villalobos, GoldConnect CEO explained their decision in this regard:

"As a disruptive telecom provider in the LATAM region, we must continuously embrace the latest technologies and business methods to improve the interaction and experience of our clients,"

And along the same line, vice president of BitPay Shaun Worley added:

"GoldConnect realizes the potential for crypto to transform the wholesale telecommunication industry, making payments faster, more secure, and less expensive on a global scale.”

It seems that Latin American countries are very interested in the crypto space. The first country in this part of the world to embrace cryptocurrencies was El Salvador. They adopted Bitcoin as their legal tender. Following this trend, Panama and Brazil have shown interest in accepting Bitcoin as well.



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