NFT and NFC tech to combine in digital postage stamps

The Austrian post intends to integrate near-field communication to its non-fungible token postage stamps.


Austria’s postal service or Oesterreichische Post AG is determined to include NFC in its NFT postage stamps. In fact, they intend to integrate NFC chips in Crypto Stamp 3.0. The chips enable their stamp owners to confirm whether the physical stamp is authentic using the digital twin metadata which is stored on blockchain.

It’s interesting to know that in 2019, the Austrian Post won the title as being the first government-backed institution that had launched an NFT back then. NFT Awards 2020 also saw the Austrian Post Crypto Stamp winning multiple awards like the “People’s Choice Award” and the “Adoption Potential Award”. The post office gave some details regarding Crypto Stamp 3.0 and NFC- NFT integration:

“For the first time, NFC technology is also being used on an Austrian postage stamp: The Crypto Stamp 3.0 is based on an NFC-supported authenticity check and is cryptographically encrypted. […] By reading out the NFC chip, both the authenticity and the digital twin can be revealed.”

One may ask “what is this NFC-NFT technology good for?” and the answer according to the Austrian post would be not needing an extra app that confirms ownership of the NFT postage stamp. Possessing such technologies according to the head of product management and e-business branches at the Austrian post, Stefan Nemeth is a great move for adding greater intuitive features to the future NFT postage stamp iterations.

The total circulation of Crypto Stamp 3.0 will be 100,000 stamps along with a market value of $12. In June, people can register to preorder the NFT stamp.



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NFC technology



NFC technology