Once again Ripple triggers a weekend pump and shines among the altcoins

APR 10, 2021 Once again Ripple beats SEC and they celebrate it with a big pump.


After another victorious legal confrontation with SEC, the Ripple price jumped by 30% among some other altcoins that were enjoying a weekend pump. XRP is also being listed on some exchanges again which is definitely going to have positive effects on its popularity and price.

While XRP saw a sharp rise of 30% rising up to $1.36, BTC and ETH didn’t rise much in comparison, being up just 2.7% for BTC and 3.4% for ETH. If we take a look at other time periods, we see that on a weekly basis, XRP is up 111%, and even more shocking is its annual growth which stays at a mind-blowing rate of 544%. This growth has assisted this asset to recover its position among the top 10 and it is currently occupying the fourth position.


While we are talking about XRP’s surge in prices, it’s worth mentioning that this is happening alongside Ripple’s fight against the SEC lawsuit which had been filed earlier concerning an ICO held by SEC and Ripple had been charged with a $1.3-billion ICO in an “unregistered securities offering”.

This had a huge immediate negative impact on the asset’s total value and as a result, several exchanges delisted this currency which led to XRP’s losing its position as the third-largest currency by market cap. Later on, they also announced their termination of a really positive partnership with MoneyGram which was considered as a turning point for the future of the Ripple back then because it tended to strengthen this digital currency’s status as “the standard” for the payments and settlement.

Despite all that ripple went through and the troubles they suffered, they have been in the driving seat over the last two meetings against the SEC which in other words can be considered as victories against SEC.

Preparing for the next court meeting, Ripple has also said that the US is not ready to regulate cryptocurrencies.



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